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Search engine optimisation (or SEO as it’s often referred to) is key part of business online strategy. Whether you are selling online with a shopping cart or generating leads and enquiries the key factor is to increase your chances of being discovered when browsers use a search engine to search for something that is relevant to your business.

So how can you get on the first page, when there are millions if not tens of millions of other pages out there in the world wide web? The answer is search engine optimisation.

Put simply SEO refines the way your key business messages are presented so that not only do they have maximum impact on Humans but also on the major search engines. When a new prospect reads information about your goods or services, you want that information to the clear, relevant and above all compelling. It’s the same for search engines.

However, search engines use a huge array of on-site and off-site factors to decide how relevant and how important your page is. This is complicated still further by the fact that search engine algorithms are changed and refined very regularly.

Search Engine Optimisation Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire & London

So, do the goal posts move? Well yes, and no. Yes because the importance of ranking factors changes each time an update takes place, no because ultimately search engines are making changes to achieve more and more relevant results for browsers searches.

To complicate matters further, search engines do not share or divulge their algorithms. So, nobody knows exactly what the ‘winning formula’ is.

However, that’s where can help. We have over 20 years experience of helping companies achieve first page results. Our experience, together with our ongoing research and study of search engine trends gives us unique insight into the inner workings of search algorithms. In short, we know how to boost your ranking positions and maintain them so you stay ahead of your competitors.

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Our process starts with analysis of your current website. We check numerous factors to ensure that your site is structurally correct and organised on a way which is most likely to gain you ranking ‘juice’.

We also need to understand your goals. Which search terms drive the most sales and/or traffic your site? Which search terms are used the most and drive the most traffic in your market generally? Which search terms are working the best for your competitors?

Once we have carried out our research we will be in position to construct a bespoke plan of our SEO services that will achieve the quality ranking search positions you desire.

Increasing your visibility on the major search engines will produce greater volumes of traffic and in turn result in higher conversions for your products and services.

Our SEO strategy plans aim to incorporate and compliment not only your online presence, but also your complete marketing strategy. New visitors will be attracted to your business through more consistent and effective online exposure. Nude-Webdesign’s SEO services will promote your chosen search terms on the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! as well as others.

The correct blend of on page and off page search engine optimisation services will improve your rankings and ROI, as well as your reputation and brand. Contact us today if you would like to arrange a free, no-obligation SEO analysis with SEO Consult.

On page optimisation

We will analyse your site for structural coding improvements and / or additions. We will also report and suggest enhancements that will enhance user experience and make it more accessible to search engines for indexing. Some of the key aspects we will focus on are:-

Error correction

  • Identify and fix or redirect any 404 errors on your site
  • Identify and resolve canonicalisation issues and duplicate URLs
  • Identify, remove and nofollow any external links
  • Increase search engine accessibility by creating XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Analyse and amend code to comply with W3C standards and fix validation errors
  • Analyse your web hosting

Enrich your content

  • Analyse and improve meta tags and descriptions, where required implementing new keywords
  • Improve internal linking with unique, well written and optimised content.
  • Identify and remove any duplicate content that may be adversely affecting your rankings
  • Optimise on-site images and media content
  • Integrate a WordPress blog to further improve internal linking and content delivery
  • Create a dynamic RSS feed
  • Create an optimised SEO friendly directory structure

Off page optimisation

Off page search engine optimisation services are designed to increase your site’s authority and web presence. By using a range of relevance biased off page SEO services we can provide the following elements to improve natural linking profile:-

  • Professionally written articles & submission to industry relevant portals
  • Directory submission options
  • Press releases that can increase your visibility and reputation on the web
  • Link building to improve PageRank
  • Social media integration & submissions
  • Relevant blog comments and submissions across topics in your field

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Search Engine Optimisation Buckinghamshire | SEO Services Oxfordshire April 2, 2012

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